Benefits of STEM education

1. It helps you stay current.

In a technology-based society, technology is forever changing. It’s also used in almost every aspect of our lives. As work places change with updated software, and office equipment and machinery become more advanced, STEM knowledge is vital. Keeping up with technology, not the Kardashians, is incredibly important.

2. It allows you to be innovative.

Someone created an app that allows you to take a picture of a piece of clothing and finds similar looks throughout the web.

Just think of the latest device you have in your hand or at the top of your wish list. STEM helps to transform new ideas into the best inventions.

3. It helps you make a difference.

Building that shelter, finding that cure, inventing the best way for people to communicate, or helping people  overcome financial obstacles makes a huge difference – and with a STEM education, you can make that happen.

4. It fosters – and benefits from – creativity.

Creativity is one of the many benefits of a STEM education.

Ironically, creativity is also the result of a STEM education! According to the NYTimes, James Michael Leake, director of engineering graphics at the University of Illinois, said that learning to make even rudimentary drawings is critical to development as an engineer. Design can help students understand how to effectively use the space within the structure.

5. It can get you a job in the beauty industry.

Without new innovative products hitting the shelves constantly, brands such as Covergirl and L’Oreal will not stay current and may lose business. This creates a lot of new opportunities for scientists to break into this industry. Just think – a product you design or create could help people feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin.

6. It promotes equality in education.

Women today are taking over some of the top-paying jobs. STEM education helps to promote diversity and can contribute to gender equality in the workplace.

7. It prepares you for a college curriculum.

Kids with STEM educations score higher on the SATs and take fewer remediation courses when they enter college.

8. It can land you a better job within the fashion industry.

Technology and fashion are merging day to day. You own Google watches and Apple iwatches, and with a bit of inspiration and hard work you can sell your own designs over the web. You could even create a fashion app that revolutionizes online shopping or helps people rethink their existing wardrobe.

9. It is a confidence booster.

When you meet challenges and solve complex problems you achieve tremendous boosts of confidence. STEM classes also require you to communicate your findings, defend your positions, and conduct meaningful discussions.

Students who are able to communicate their ideas clearly exude confidence, making this hard-to-measure attribute one of the many benefits of a STEM education.

10. It gives you a higher income.

STEM-related jobs can be financially rewarding, which is evident when you look at starting salaries in some popular STEM careers:

Biomedical engineers, $77,400

Financial examiners, $70,930

Medical scientists, except epidemiologists, $72,590

11. It increases your chances of landing a job.

STEM occupations are growing 17% faster than any other field, and the unemployment rate for recent graduates are less than those with liberal arts degrees.

People with STEM degrees are coveted in other fields because of the special skills and talents they possess. No one was ever passed up for a job because they were too good at solving problems.

12. It’s great for writers.

Finding a job as a freelancer writer is more difficult than finding a job as a nurse assistant, unless you’re applying for medical and technical writing jobs (which are in high demand). Being able to write clearly about complex topics will make you more marketable, which means that you have a better chance of becoming an in-demand writer instead of a starving artist.

You heard that correctly – even writers can enjoy the benefits of a STEM education!

13. It is a growing field.

1 in 20 jobs are projected to be STEM-related by the year 2018. For example, engineering jobs are projected increase 11%. Besides the healthcare industry, STEM fields are expanding more quickly than any other. And according to, the National Science Foundation estimates that 80% of jobs available for the years to come will require math and science skills.

14. It shapes a better world.

Every election is based on choosing leaders who know how to estimate statistics and how to base decisions on sound economics. And many of the local and state polls depend on both economic and scientific knowledge. Having a strong set of STEM skills will allow you to analyze the world around you and find ways to make improvements.

15. It is part of our daily lives.

Science is the makeup we wear and the fuel that gets us where we need to go. Few of us could imagine living without our personal tech – smartphones, tablets, and fitness trackers. Advances in engineering allow us to live in more energy-efficient, cost-effective homes, work in greener buildings, and travel more safely across bridges and through tunnels.

We all rely on mathematics when evaluating different loan options, choosing healthcare plans, and calculating the cost of trips, education, and childcare.

There are so many benefits of a STEM education, but make sure you decide to pursue one for the right reasons.

Not everyone automatically sees themselves as a math person or a science person, but if you are able to combine your passions with a strong set of STEM skills, you can do what you love.

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