With more than 15 years of operation, we provide our customers with quality, international-class educational products that meet the requirements of modern society.

International cooperation


Cooperated with Aptech Computer Education from India


Cooperated with Informatics Academy from Singapore


Cooperated with FasTracKids Education Group from the US.


Cooperated with Finland University from Finland.


Cooperated with Rozzy Learning from the US.

Education investment

By the end of 2018, Docom has invested in educational system chains including:

  • Aptech and Npower Information Technology Education System with 5 training facilities in Hanoi and 3 branches in provinces.
  • EQ Academy with EQ preschool and FasTracKids Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh center.


Education Investment Consultancy

Docom has consulted about models of life skills education, Stem education, experience education, information technology training for more than 30 partners across the country. Docom’s customers include:

  • Investors in the field of preschool education and school education.
  • Investors of the system of life skills education centers and Stem, foreign languages.
  • Investors of resort model combined with educational park experience.


Transfer education and training services

As a partner of reputable educational organizations from leading education countries in the world such as Finland, the United States, Docom is authorized to advise and transfer educational products and services. training from:

  • Finland’s preschool and school education program.
  • Stem education program, experience education and career orientationof the United States.
  • International summer camp program of Finland and the United States.
  • The program of educating life skills, living values ​​of the United States.
  • Short-term training programs for teachers and students are built according to actual needs.