About us

Docom International JSC, formerly known as Viet A Training JSC, specializes in international cooperation, research, design and development of products and services in the field of education and training for Vietnamese students.

Docom wishes to contribute to the implementation of international standard education and training programs for Vietnamese students on the basis of cooperating and acquiring advanced technologies, methods and content of countries with advanced education such as Finland, USA, Singapore …


Development milestones



With the pioneering aspirations and extensive experience in the field of international cooperation, Docom strives to become the leading organization in the field of providing educational and training products and services that are not only suitable for the general development trend of the era of globalization and integration but is also suitable for Vietnamese culture, history and people, for Vietnamese students.

Docom wants to build an integrated education brand but still expresses the identity of Vietnamese people in the spirit of taking action as a guideline for all activities.


  • For the market: Providing high quality education and training products and services in line with the general trend, suitable to the learning needs of Vietnamese students in the era of globalization. .
  • For shareholders and partners: Trust, cooperate and develop for the common benefits.
  • For employees: Building a civilized and humanistic working environment in which employees are central to success, prosperity and sustainable development.
  • For society: Harmonizing the interests the company with social benefits

Core values

  • Taking action is the guideline for all activities. Words have to couple with actions. Words might be little but actions have to be many.
  • Positive attitude: Attitude is the foundation of success. It doesn’t matter how your starting point is, with a positive attitude you can overcome yourself, overcome difficulties and challenges to achieve goals and succeed in life.